Your artwork is the most important factor that can bring success to you as an artist on However, here are some simple tips that can help you boost your sales on

-Upload good quality and accurate pictures of your artwork: For any artwork to sell it is important that you upload a clear, crisp, high quality and accurate picture of your artwork. Provide a picture which does not contain any extra elements so that the buyers can understand the complete look

-Add a detailed bio and accurate descriptions of your artwork: Using accurate keywords and description of your artwork can enable them to be picked up when browsed for using the search tools. A complete artist bio also enables the buyers to understand the reputation and authenticity of the artist.

-Keep updating your portfolio: It is always good to keep updating and uploading the images of your sold artwork. However, it is also important to indicate that the particular artwork is sold out and no longer available.

-Price your artwork appropriately- Pricing is an important aspect of selling your artwork. You can offer multiple range of prices for your different artwork. You can also look into the pricing lists of other artists to get an idea on accurate pricing.

-Promote yourself on the site: Marketing yourself and your artwork helps you in increasing the traffic towards your profile and artwork. Various social media sites play a vital role in marketing yourself and your artwork.