In cases where the collector receives the artwork and is not, 100% satisfied they would have 7 days of time to contact for the request of return and refund. We keep a 7-day period in between before releasing the funds to the artist. If the collector decides on returning the artwork, they will repackage the artwork and should send it back to the seller or the artist.

We only allow returns of artwork, which is not a sale item, and ensure that all the packaging items should be sent in the same condition for receiving a refund. Return cases are checked case-by-case and the responsibility of return costs like the shipping and customs are decided accordingly. If the artwork is accurately described on our site, the collector will have to bear the return costs and in cases where the artist provides something different, inaccurate information or poor packaging leading to damage the artist will have to bear the return costs. The best way to avoid cases of returns it is important that the artists provide accurate and clear descriptions of their artwork. For better understanding on this, please see “how do I write artwork description?”