Packaging materials should be done accurately using sturdy materials to ensure safety of your artwork. Here are some packaging guidelines that you should comply with in order to safely deliver your artwork and avoid the chances of damage during the transit.

Packaging materials are most important components that will ensure safety of your artwork. Use adequate amounts of bubble wraps around your artwork. The bubble wraps provides cushioning to your artwork. It also fills in the empty space, which prevents the movement of your artwork. The bubble wrap provides amazing levels of padding and fillers to your artwork, which avoids movement and any damage occurring due to falling.

Along with the bubble wrap, use high quality packaging tapes for ensuring that the artwork is sealed properly. Low quality packaging tapes usually break off and often lead to breakage and damage of your artwork. The poor quality tapes also have poor adhesive properties that result in ripping off and tearing.

Use sturdy foam boards covering your artwork and for providing complete support to it. Foam boards or foam cores are the best material for providing support to your artwork and are easily available at any art, craft, and supply and frame stores. Use a half-inch thick foam board to ensure complete safety of your artwork.

To protect the corners of your artwork it is advisable to use cardboard corner protectors. These are also available at any supply, art or frame stores.