For packaging of paintings in the size larger than 48” x 48”, you will need glassine paper or acid free archival tissue paper, polywrap or plastic sheet, bubble wrap, foam board, cardboard corner protectors, cardboard box and packaging tape. Follow the below mentioned steps to package your painting.

-Wrap your painting with acid-free tissue paper or glassine paper. Any material that comes to the contact of the artwork surface should be of archival quality. Avoid touching the painting surface with bare hands. Use cotton gloves or acid-free tissue paper for handling the artwork.

-Use four square glassine paper in the size of 8” x 8”. You can use acid-free tissue paper too. Fold it diagonally to create a triangle shape, fold it again, and create a triangle pocket. Place these pocket triangles on every corner of the painting.

-Tape the wrapped painting to a foam board sheet of the same size or a little bigger than the painting to provide a firm support.

-Wrap the glassine-covered artwork with poly wrap in order to protect it from moisture.

-Wrap the entire artwork with at least three layers of bubble wrap to provide good padding.

-Place the cardboard corner protectors on the painting corners.

-Place it in a wooden crate and seal the artwork inside.