Sales of my Artwork


Is it possible for a collector to reserve my artwork?
Yes. A collector can reserve your artwork if he intends to buy it. The collector may send you a request for reserving the artwork exclusively for them...
Út, 20 Září, 2016 v 5:05 ODPOLEDNE
What is the Certificate of Authenticity?
When you have sold your artwork, the artwork should be accompanied with the Certificate of Authenticity within the packaging. We will provide you a temp...
Út, 20 Září, 2016 v 5:07 ODPOLEDNE
What will happen if the collector is not satisfied with the purchase?
In cases where the collector receives the artwork and is not, 100% satisfied they would have 7 days of time to contact for the request of ret...
Út, 20 Září, 2016 v 5:07 ODPOLEDNE